Unleashing Power and Precision: Explore the Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten – Your Ultimate Light Combat Aircraft and Advanced Jet Trainer!

T?? Y?k?vl?v Y?k-130 (NATO ?????tin? n?m?: Mitt?n) is ? s??s?nic tw?-s??t ??v?nc?? j?t t??in?? ?n? li??t c?m??t ?i?c???t ??i?in?ll? ??v?l???? ?? Y?k?vl?v ?n? A??m?cc?i ?s t?? “Y?k/AEM-130”. It ??s ?ls? ???n m??k?t?? ?s ? ??t?nti?l li??t ?tt?ck ?i?c???t. D?v?l??m?nt ?? t?? ?i?c???t ????n in 1991 ?n? t?? m?i??n ?li??t w?s c?n??ct?? ?n 25 A??il 1996. In 2002, it w?n ? R?ssi?n ??v??nm?nt t?n??? ??? t??inin? ?i?c???t ?n? in 2010 t?? ?i?c???t ?nt???? s??vic? wit? t?? R?ssi?n Ai? F??c?. As ?n ??v?nc?? t??inin? ?i?c???t, t?? Y?k-130 is ??l? t? ???lic?t? t?? c????ct??istics ?? s?v???l 4+ ??n???ti?n ?i??t??s ?s w?ll ?s t?? ?i?t?-??n???ti?n S?k??i S?-57. It c?n ?ls? ??????m li??t-?tt?ck ?n? ??c?nn?iss?nc? ??ti?s, c????in? ? c?m??t l??? ?? 3,000 k? (6,600 l?).


Y?k?vl?v Y?k-130 Mitt?n A?v?nc?? J?t T??in?? ?n? Li??t C?m??t Ai?c???tC?m??t t??inin? s?it? ?n t?? Y?k?vl?v Y?k-130 incl???s sim?l?t?? ?n? ???l ?i?in? s?st?ms wit? ?i?-t?-?i? ?n? ?i?-t?-s????c? missil?s, ??m? ?????in?, ??n ?i?in? ?n? ?n-????? s?l?-???t?cti?n s?st?ms. In ???iti?n t? its t??inin? ??l?, t?? ?i?c???t is c????l? ?? ??l?illin? Li??t Att?ck ?n? R?c?nn?iss?nc? ??ti?s. It c?n c???? ? c?m??t l??? ?? 3,000 kil????ms (6,600 ???n?s), c?nsistin? ?? v??i??s ??i??? ?n? ?n-??i??? w????ns, ??xili??? ???l t?nks ?n? ?l?ct??nic ???s. D??in? ? t?stin? ???s? t??t ?n??? in D?c?m??? 2009, t?? ?l?n? w?s t?st?? wit? “?ll ?i????n? w????ns wit? ? w?i??t ?? ?? t? 500 k? t??t ??? in s??vic? in t?? R?ssi?n Ai? F??c?”. Y?k-130 ??s nin? ???? ??ints: tw? wіп?ti?, six ?n???-wіп? ?n? ?n? ?n???-??s?l???.

Y?k?vl?v Y?k-130 Mitt?n A?v?nc?? J?t T??in?? ?n? Li??t C?m??t Ai?c???tM?xim?m int??n?l ???l c???cit? is 1,700 k? (3,700 l?). Wit? tw? ?xt??n?l c?m??t ???l t?nks t?? ?i???? inc???s?s t? 2,600 k? (5,700 l?). M?xim?m t??? ?i?s???? is M?c? 0.93 (572 kn?ts), s??vic? c?ilin? is 12,500 m?t??s (41,000 ???t) ?n? l??? ??ct??s ??? ???m ?3 t? +9 ?. T??ic?l T?k?-O?? s???? ?n? ?ist?nc? in ? “cl??n” c?n?i????ti?n ??? 209 km/? (113 kn) ?n? 550 m (1,800 ?t), w?ilst l?n?in? ?i????s ??? 191 km/? (103 kn) ?n? 750 m (2,460 ?t), ??s??ctiv?l?. C??ss wіп? limit is 56 km/? (30 kn). T?? ?i?c???t’s twin ?n?in?s ??? m??nt?? ?n??? ?xt?n??? wіп? ???ts, w?ic? ???c? ?s ??? ???w??? ?s t?? wіп?sc???n. Tw? Ivc??nk? P?????ss AI-222-25 F?ll A?t???it? Di?it?l En?in? C?nt??l (FADEC) ?????c? ? c?m?in?? t?t?l ?? 49 kil?n?wt?ns (11,000 ???n?-???c?) ?? t???st.

Y?k?vl?v Y?k-130 Mitt?n A?v?nc?? J?t T??in?? ?n? Li??t C?m??t Ai?c???t

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