US Navy Welcomes the Future USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul (LCS 21) into its Fleet

T?? U.S. N?v? ?cc??t?? ??liv??? ?? t?? ??t??? USS Minn????lis-S?int P??l (LCS 21) ?t t?? Finc?nti??i M??in?tt? M??in? (FMM) s?i????? N?v?m??? 18. T?? ??t??? USS Minn????lis-S?int P??l is t?? 11t? F?????m-v??i?nt LCS ??si?n?? ?? t?? L?ck???? M??tin-l?? in??st?? t??m ?t Finc?nti??i M??in?tt? M??in?, M??in?tt?, Wisc?nsin. D?liv??? m??ks t?? ???ici?l t??ns??? ?? t?? s?i? ???m t?? s?i???il???, ???t ?? ? L?ck????-M??tin-l?? t??m t? t?? U.S. N?v?. LCS 21 w?s ?cc??t?? ??t?? ?i?????s t?stin? ?? ? c?m?inin? ???? m??i?ic?ti?n t??t will ?ll?w ??? ?n??st?ict?? ?????ti?ns, ?????ssin? ? cl?ss-wi?? ?l?w t??t w?s ?isc?v???? ?s t?? Fl??t ???l???? t??s? s?i?s in ????t?? n?m???s. LCS 21 is t?? ?i?st F?????m-v??i?nt s?i? t? ??c?iv? t?? ?ix.

T?? ??t??? USS Minn????lis-S?int P??l is t?? s?c?n? n?v?l s?i? t? ??n?? Minn?s?t?’s Twin Citi?s ?lt????? ??c? cit? ??s ???n ??n???? twic? ??????. T?? ?i?st US N?v? w??s?i? n?m?? Minn????lis-S?int P??l w?s ? L?s An??l?s-cl?ss s??m??in? l??nc??? in 1983 w?? t??k ???t in O????ti?n D?s??t S?i?l?/D?s??t St??m. USS Minn????lis-S?int P??l (SSN 708) w?s t?? ?i?st s??m??in? t? c???? T?m???wk missil?s s??ci?ic?ll? ??si?n?? ??? ?s? in st?ik?s ???inst I??? ???in? t?? G?l? W??. H?vin? s??v?? ??? ?v?? tw? ??c???s wit? ?istincti?n, t?? s??m??in? Minn????lis-S?int P??l w?s ??c?mmissi?n?? in 2007.

T?? L?ck???? M??tin (NYSE: LMT)-l?? s?i???il?in? t??m l??nc??? Litt???l C?m??t S?i? (LCS) 21, t?? ??t??? USS Minn????lis-S?int P??l int? t?? M?n?min?? Riv?? ?t t?? Finc?nti??i M??in?tt? M??in? S?i?????.“T???? m??ks ? si?ni?ic?nt s?i???il?in? mil?st?n? in t?? li?? ?? t?? ??t??? USS Minn????lis-S?int P??l, ?n ?xc??ti?n?l s?i? w?ic? will c?n??ct ?????ti?ns ????n? t?? ?l???,” s?i? LCS ??????m m?n???? C??t. Mik? T??l??. “I l??k ???w??? t? s??in? Minn????lis-S?int P??l j?in ??? sist?? s?i?s wit? 100 ???c?nt ?? ?????lsi?n ??w?? ?v?il??l? ??? ?n??st?ict?? ?s?.”

S?v???l m??? F?????m v??i?nt s?i?s ??? ?n??? c?nst??cti?n ?t Finc?nti??i M??in?tt? M??in? C???. in M??in?tt?, Wisc?nsin. P?n?in? s?cc?ss??l ?t-s?? t?stin? ?? its c?m?inin? ???? m??i?ic?ti?n, C?????st?wn (LCS 23) is ?l?nn?? t? ??liv?? in J?n???? 2022. A??iti?n?l s?i?s in v??i??s st???s ?? c?nst??cti?n incl??? M??in?tt? (LCS 25), N?nt?ck?t (LCS 27), B?l?it (LCS 29) ?n? Cl?v?l?n? (LCS 31). T?? Litt???l C?m??t S?i? (LCS) is ? ??st, ??il?, missi?n-??c?s?? ?l?t???m ??si?n?? t? ?????t? in n???-s???? ?nvi??nm?nts, winnin? ???inst 21st-c?nt??? c??st?l t????ts. T?? LCS is c????l? ?? s?????tin? ???w??? ???s?nc?, m??itim? s?c??it?, s?? c?nt??l, ?n? ??t????nc?.

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