Unveiling Tomorrow’s Warriors: GA-ASI Introduces Evolution Class of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Future Battles

G?n???l At?mics A???n??tic?l S?st?ms, Inc. (GA-ASI) is ?l??s?? t? ?nn??nc? its n?w c?t????? ?? ??t???-???w??? ?nm?nn?? ?i?c???t s?st?ms, ??c?s?? ?n in???m?ti?n ??min?nc? ?n? ?i?s??c? s????m?c?. L?v????in? t???? ??c???s ?? ?x???i?nc? ?c??ss milli?ns ?? s?cc?ss??l c?m??t ?li??t ????s, t?? n?w Ev?l?ti?n lin? ?? ??v?nc?? UAS j?ins GA-ASI’s ?xistin? P????t??-cl?ss ?n? M?j?v?-cl?ss ?i?c???t in ??liv??in? n?xt-??n???ti?n UAS t??t l??? t?? ??ck in ??v?nc??, ????????l?, ?tt?it??l? ?n? ??t?n?m??s c?m??t ??w??. T?? n?m? Ev?l?ti?n ?????s t? t?? ?v?l?ti?n??? ??t? GA-ASI ??s ??ll?w?? ?s it c???t???? t?? ???lm ?? ?nm?nn?? ?i?c???t t?????? its ?ic?, 30-???? ?ist??? ?? UAS inn?v?ti?n, ??si?nin? ??? t?? ??t???, ?n? t?? ???c?-m?lti?l?in? ??w?? UAS ???vi?? m????n w???i??t??s. In t?? ??st t???? ??c???s, GA-ASI ??s l??nc??? m??? t??n 25 UAS v??i?nts, ???innin? wit? t?? Gn?t in 1992.

“W?’?? c?ntin?in? t? ???w ?n? ??s??n? t? t?? ???i?l? c??n?in? w??l?,” s?i? GA-ASI P??si??nt D?vi? R. Al?x?n???. “As w? c?l????t? ??? 30-???? ?nniv??s??? ?s ? c?m??n?, ??? n?w Ev?l?ti?n-s??i?s ?i?c???t will m???? ??? ?ni??? ???it??? ?? ??v?nc?? ?n? ????????l? UAS t?c?n?l??i?s wit? inn?v?tiv? t?c?n?l??i?s ??? t?? ??t???. W?’?? l??kin? ????? t? n?w c?nc??ts ?n? n?v??-??????-s??n ?i?c???t t??t m??t t?? n???s ?? ??? c?st?m??s t???? ?n? t?m????w.”

Ev?l?ti?n ?st??lis??s ? t?i?? ?i?c???t cl?ss wit?in GA-ASI, j?inin? t?? w?ll-kn?wn P????t??® lin? ?n? ??c?ntl? ?nn??nc?? M?j?v? lin? ?? ?x???iti?n??? UAS ???t??in? s???t-t?k???? ?n? l?n?in? (STOL) c????ilit?. Ev?l?ti?n incl???s t?? ??v?l??m?nt ?? GA-ASI’s n?xt-??n???ti?n UAS s?l?ti?ns ??si?n?? t? m??t t?? n???s ?? t?? U.S. Ai? F??c?’s visi?n ??? its ??t??? ???c?, ?s w?ll ?s n?w UAS c?nc??ts s?c? ?s D???n???, S?????w??wk ?n? t?? ??c?ntl? ?nn??nc?? G?m?it.

G?n???l At?mics-A???n??tic?l S?st?ms, Inc. (GA-ASI), ?n ???ili?t? ?? G?n???l At?mics, is ? l???in? ??si?n?? ?n? m?n???ct???? ?? ???v?n, ??li??l? ??m?t?l? ?il?t?? ?i?c???t (RPA) s?st?ms, ?????s, ?n? ?l?ct??-??tic ?n? ??l?t?? missi?n s?st?ms, incl??in? t?? P????t??® RPA s??i?s ?n? t?? L?nx® M?lti-m??? R????. Av?n???, L?nx, P????t??, S??G????i?n ?n? Sk?G????i?n ??? ???ist???? t????m??ks ?? G?n???l At?mics A???n??tic?l S?st?ms, Inc. Wit? m??? t??n s?v?n milli?n ?li??t ????s, GA-ASI ???vi??s l?n?-?n????nc?, missi?n-c????l? ?i?c???t wit? int????t?? s?ns?? ?n? ??t? link s?st?ms ????i??? t? ??liv?? ???sist?nt ?li??t t??t ?n??l?s sit??ti?n?l ?w???n?ss ?n? ???i? st?ik?. T?? c?m??n? ?ls? ?????c?s ? v??i?t? ?? ????n? c?nt??l st?ti?ns ?n? s?ns?? c?nt??l/im??? ?n?l?sis s??tw???, ?????s ?il?t t??inin? ?n? s?????t s??vic?s, ?n? ??v?l??s m?t?-m?t??i?l ?nt?nn?s.

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