Unveiling the A-29 Super Tucano: Precision-Engineered for Mission Success

D?ckst?v??v?t s?i?????, ???t ?? Sw???n’s S??? G????, ??s int????c?? its n?w c?m??t ???t n?m?? “CB90 HSM” wit? ? vi??? ??l??s? ?n t??i? Y??T??? c??nn?l ?n 30t? J?n?. An????s N???st??n?, t?c?nic?l ?i??ct?? ?? S???’s S?i????? in D?ckst? s??wc?s?s t?? n?w ?n? im???v?? D?ckst? CB90 HMS. T?? ???n? n?w ???t, ???i???? wit? m?c? m??? t??n its ?????c?ss??s: im???v?? s???? ?n? m?n??v????ilit?, ?s w?ll ?s ?tt?ck ??w?? ?n? s??v?ill?nc? c????iliti?s. Wit? its ??scin?tin? ѕkіɩɩѕ, D?ckst? CB90 HSM is ? c?n?i??t? t? ?ss??? ????t ??v?nt???s t? ?wn??s ?t litt???l w??????.

D?ckst? CB 90HSM C?m??t B??tD?ckst? CB 90HSM C?m??t B??tWit? m??? t??n 250 s?l? ???ts ?????tin? w??l?wi??, CB90 ??s ???n ? s?cc?ss st??? sinc? t?? ?i?st ???t w?s c?mmissi?n??. R?c?ntl? ? n?w m???l ?? t?? ???v?n c?nc??t w?s ??liv???? t? Sw??is? ????ns? m?t??i?l ??minist??ti?n (FMV); CB90 HSM. Ev?n t????? it l??ks simil?? t? its ?????c?ss??s ?n t?? ??tsi??, t?? insi?? is v?stl? m??i?i??. T?? c??in c???t ?????s s????m? CBRN ?n? ??llistic ???t?cti?n t??nks t? li??tw?i??t ??l??t??l?n? linin? ?n? s???t? ?l?ss. T???? int??i?? c?m?in?? wit? ? st??n? ??w ??m?, ?ns??? swi?t ???l??m?nt ?nt? ?n???????? ???c??s.

D?ckst? CB 90HSM C?m??t B??tD?ckst? CB 90HSM C?m??t B??tA?? t? t??t n?w c?m??t m?n???m?nt s?st?m ?n? s?ns??s ??? s??v?ill?nc? ?n? ?tt?ck ??w?? t?????? t?? T??ck?i?? s?st?m, CB90 HSM is in???? ? w??l? n?w ?????, ????? t? t?k? ?n t?? c??sts ?? Sw???n. T?? ?ni??? c?n?i????ti?n ?? T??ck?i?? ???vi??s ? St??iliz?? In????n??nt Lin? O? Si??t (SILOS). As t?? in????n??ntl? st??iliz?? S?ns?? M???l? is ??c???l?? ???m t?? w????ns ?x?s, t?? ?????t?? is ??l? t? m?int?in t?? lin? ?? si??t ?n t?? t????t, t?????? ????tl? ????cin? t????t ?c??isiti?n tіm?s. T?? T??ck?i?? s?st?m ?ls? ?ll?ws ????tl? im???v?? s??v?ill?nc? c????iliti?s t?????? IR c?m???s.

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