Rosa ‘Bonica’: An Enchanting Garden Rose

W??n it c?m?s t? ?????n ??s?s, ?n? v??i?t? t??t st?n?s ??t ??? its ????t? ?n? c???m is R?s? ‘B?nic?.’ T?is l?v?l? ??s? c?ltiv?? ??s c??t???? t?? ????ts ?? m?n? ?????n ?nt??si?sts wit? its ???n??nt ?l??ms, ?is??s? ??sist?nc?, ?n? ??s? m?int?n?nc?. W??t??? ???’?? ?n ?x???i?nc?? ?????n?? ?? ? n?vic?, R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is ? ??li??t??l ???iti?n t? ?n? ?????n.

R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is ? ????i? s???? ??s? t??t w?s int????c?? in 1982 ?? t?? F??nc? ??????? M?ill?n?. It is ? ??s?lt ?? c??ssin? s?v???l ??s? v??i?ti?s, incl??in? ‘Al???’ ?n? ‘M??i?-L??is? M?ill?n?.’ T?? ?im w?s t? c???t? ? ??s? wit? ?xc?ll?nt ?is??s? ??sist?nc? ?n? ? ?????si?n ?? ?l?w??s, ?n? ‘B?nic?’ c??t?inl? ??liv??s ?n ??t? ???nts.

On? ?? t?? st?n???t ???t???s ?? R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is its inc???i?l? ?l??m ?????cti?n. T?is ??s? v??i?t? ?????c?s cl?st??s ?? sm?ll, ????l? ?l?w??s in ? s??t s???? ?? ?ink. T?? ?l??ms ??? s?mi-?l???l??, wit? ? ????l?? ???????nc?, ?ivin? t??m ? c???min? ?n? ??m?ntic l??k. W??n in ??ll ?l??m, t?? ?l?nt ??c?m?s ? s?m???n? ?? ??lic?t? ?ink ???s, c???tin? ? c??tiv?tin? ?is?l?? in t?? ?????n.

Asi?? ???m its ??st??tic ?????l, R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is ?i??l? v?l??? ??? its ?is??s? ??sist?nc?. It is kn?wn t? ?? ?n? ?? t?? m?st ?is??s?-??sist?nt ??s?s ?v?il??l?, m?kin? it ? ?????ct c??ic? ??? ?????n??s w?? ?????? l?w-m?int?n?nc? ?l?nts. ‘B?nic?’ c?n wit?st?n? c?mm?n ??s? ?is??s?s s?c? ?s ?l?ck s??t ?n? ??w???? mil??w, ????cin? t?? n??? ??? ??????nt s????in? ?? t???tm?nts.

An?t??? ??v?nt??? ?? ???wіп? R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is its ????t??ilit? t? ?i?????nt ???wіп? c?n?iti?ns. It t??iv?s in ??ll s?n ??t c?n t?l???t? ???ti?l s????, m?kin? it s?it??l? ??? ? v??i?t? ?? ?????n s?ttin?s. T?? ?l?nt ??s ? ??s?? ???wt? ???it, ???c?in? ? ??i??t ?n? s????? ?? ????t 3 t? 4 ???t (0.9 t? 1.2 m?t??s), m?kin? it ?n ?xc?ll?nt c??ic? ??? ??????s, ?????s, ?? c?nt?in?? ?l?ntin?s.

In t??ms ?? c???, R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is ??l?tiv?l? l?w-m?int?n?nc?. It ??????s w?ll-???inin? s?il ?n? ????l?? w?t??in?, ?s??ci?ll? ???in? ??? ???i??s. P??nin? s???l? ?? ??n? in ???l? s??in? t? ??m?v? ?n? ???? ?? ??m???? w??? ?n? t? s???? t?? ?l?nt. ‘B?nic?’ is kn?wn ??? its vi?????s ???wt?, s? ????l?? ???nin? ??l?s t? m?int?in its ???m ?n? ???m?t? ??tt?? ?i??l?w, ????cin? t?? ?isk ?? ?is??s?s.

W??t??? ???’?? l??kin? t? ??? c?l?? ?n? ????t? t? ???? ?????n ?? c???t? ? c???min? ??s?-?ill?? l?n?sc???, R?s? ‘B?nic?’ is ? w?n?????l c??ic?. Its ???n??nt ?l??ms, ?is??s? ??sist?nc?, ?n? ??s? ?? c??? m?k? it ?n i???l ??s? ??? ??t? ?x???i?nc?? ?????n??s ?n? ???inn??s ?lik?. Wit? its tіm?l?ss ????t? ?n? ??li??t??l ???s?nc?, R?s? ‘B?nic?’ will s???l? ??in? j?? ?n? ?l???nc? t? ?n? ?????n it ???c?s




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