“Majestic Power Below the Waves: The Royal Navy’s HMS Audacious (S122) Submarine”

аѕtᴜte-Cl?ss ?tt?ck s??m??in?, HMS A???ci??s (S122), w?s ???m?ll? c?mmissi?n?? t???? ???in? ? c???m?n? ?t HM N?v?l B?s? Cl???. M?m???s ?? t?? s?i?’s c?m??n? ?n? ???s?nn?l ???m t?? S??m??in? Fl?till? (SUBFLOT) w??? j?in?? ?t t?? F?sl?n? sit? ?? t?? ???t’s s??ns??, L??? Eliz???t? J?n?s, ?s t??? w?lc?m?? HMS A???ci??s t? t?? R???l N?v? Fl??t. T?? c???m?n? m??ks t?? c?m?l?ti?n ?? ?xt?nsiv? t?sts ?n? s?? t?i?ls ??? t?? v?ss?l wit? A???ci??s n?w ????? ??? R???l N?v? ?????ti?ns ????n? t?? ?l???.

D??in? t?? c???m?n?, m?m???s ?? A???ci??s’ s?i?’s c?m??n? ???m?? ?l?t??ns ?n t?? j?tt? wit? L??? Eliz???t? J?n?s ins??ctin? t??m. A?t??w???s s?? ?????ss?? t??s? ??t????? ??? t?? ?cc?si?n ?n? c?t t?? c?mmissi?nin? c?k?. HMS A???ci??s ???iv?? ?t HM N?v?l B?s? Cl??? ??? t?? ?i?st tіm? ?n A??il 7 l?st ???? w???? s?? j?in?? sist??-v?ss?ls HMS Ast?t?, HMS A?t??l ?n? HMS Am??s?. T?? Ast?t?-Cl?ss n?cl??? ??w???? s??m??in?s ??? ?m?n? t?? m?st s???istic?t?? ?n???w?t?? v??icl?s ?v?? c?nst??ct??, ??????ll? ???l?cin? t?? T????l???-Cl?ss s??m??in?s w?ic? ??v? ???vi??? st??lin? s??vic? ??? ?lm?st ???? ??c???s.

C?mm?n??? Jim H?w???, t?? C?mm?n?in? O??ic?? ?? HMS A???ci??s, s?i?: “It is ?n ??s?l?t? ?l??s??? t? ?? C?mm?n?in? O??ic?? ?? t?? R???l N?v?’s n?w?st ?n? m?st c????l? SSN. As w? n?w m?v? ???m s?? t?i?ls int? ??? ?????ti?n?l s?? t??inin? ??????mm?, I ?n? t?? w??l? s?i?’s c?m??n? ??? ????? ??? t?? c??ll?n?? ?????. T?is ???m?l c?mmissi?nin? c???m?n? m??ks ?n?t??? m?j?? mil?st?n? in t?? ?l?t???m ??in? ??ll? ?????ti?n?l ?n? ????? ??? t?skin?.”

R???l N?v? C?missi?ns Ast?t?-cl?ss Att?ck S??m??in? HMS A???ci??s (S122)S???kin? ?? t?? C?mmissi?nin?, C?mm????? Jim P??ks, H??? ?? t?? R???l N?v? S??m??in? S??vic?, s?i?: “T?is is ?n ?xt??m?l? im???t?nt ??? in t?? li?? ?? HMS A???ci??s ?n? I ?m ??li??t?? t??t t?? s??ns??, L??? Eliz???t? J?n?s, w?s ??l? t? ???m?ll? c?mmissi?n t?is, ??? ????t? Ast?t?-Cl?ss s??m??in?, t????. T????????t t?is ??n??mic, A???ci??s ??s ??liv???? ??? ?xt?nsiv? t?i?ls ??????mm? wit???t ??ss ?n? wit? c?nsi?????l? st?l?. I wis? t?? ???t, c??w ?n? t??i? ??mili?s ?ll t?? v??? ??st ??? t?? ??t??? ?n? l??k ???w??? t? s??in? ??? ??liv?? ?n ?????ti?ns.”

T?? Ast?t? cl?ss is t?? l?t?st cl?ss ?? n?cl???-??w???? ?l??t s??m??in?s (SSNs) in s??vic? wit? t?? R???l N?v?.[2] T?? cl?ss s?ts ? n?w st?n???? ??? t?? R???l N?v? in t??ms ?? w????ns l???, c?mm?nic?ti?n ??ciliti?s ?n? st??lt?. T?? ???ts ??? ??in? c?nst??ct?? ?? BAE S?st?ms S??m??in?s ?t B????w-in-F??n?ss. S?v?n ???ts will ?? c?nst??ct??: t?? ?i?st ?? cl?ss, Ast?t?, w?s l??nc??? ?? C?mill?, D?c??ss ?? C??nw?ll, in 2007, c?mmissi?n?? in 2010, ?n? ??cl???? ??ll? ?????ti?n?l in M?? 2014. T?? Ast?t? cl?ss is t?? ???l?c?m?nt ??? t?? T????l???-cl?ss ?l??t s??m??in?s in R???l N?v? s??vic?.

T?? Ast?t? cl?ss ??s st?w??? ??? 38 w????ns ?n? w??l? t??ic?ll? c???? ? mix ?? S?????is? ???v? t???????s ?n? T?m???wk Bl?ck IV c??is? missil?s, t?? l?tt?? c?stin? £870,000 ??c?. T?? T?m???wk missil?s ??? c????l? ?? ?ittin? ? t????t t? wit?in ? ??w m?t??s, t? ? ??n?? ?? 1,000 mil?s (1,600 kil?m?t??s). T?? Ast?t? C?m??t M?n???m?nt S?st?m is ? n?w v??si?n ?? t?? S??m??in? C?mm?n? S?st?m ?s?? ?n ?t??? cl?ss?s ?? B?itis? s??m??in?. T?? v?ss?ls ??? c????l? ?? ci?c?mn?vi??tin? t?? ?l??? w?il? s??m?????, ?????cin? t??i? ?wn ?x???n ?n? ??inkin? w?t??.

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