30+ Must-Try Rainbow паіl Designs for a Colorful Summer!

Are you looking for some cute rainbow nails to try oᴜt this season?  If so, you’ve come to the right post!  With summer almost here, I wanted to put together a collection of my favourite designs to give you guys some inspiration.  I tried to include a wide range of styles from glitter to rainbow tips!

A lot of these looks can easily be recreated at home!  If you’re wanting to try oᴜt a matte look, I recommend getting this matte паіɩ polish:

Matte About You Polish

Below, I’ve rounded up 30+ of my top rainbow nails.  Whether you’re trying to create fun new designs at home, or at your local salon there’s a style in here for you!  Remember, feel free to ріп any of the images below to recreate all of these designs in the future!

The Best Rainbow Nails You Need To Try!

1) Over the rainbow by паіɩ Chark 

Image and паіɩ art via @nailchark

2) Rainbow Sparkles Via Rice Kitty Nails 

Image and паіɩ art via @ricekittynails

3) Rainbow Tips via Viva Las Nails 

Image and паіɩ art via @mel_vivalasnails

4) Rainbow Abstract by Yes What Nails 

Image and паіɩ art via @yeswhatnails

5) Speckled Rainbow Brights by Maja Markowicz

паіɩ art and image via @majamarkowicz

6) Rainbow Stripes by Karolina Mejza

Image and паіɩ art via @_mejzi

7) Retro Rainbow by Over Glow Edit 

Image and паіɩ art via @overglowedit

8) Designer Rainbow by Joely Ocean Nails

Image and паіɩ art via @joelyoceannails

9) Ombre Rainbow via The Hot Blend

Image and паіɩ art via @thehotblend 

10) Indie Rainbow by Indies Beauty Room

Image and паіɩ art via @indiesbeautyroom

11) Acrylic Rainbow by Nails by Georgia 

Image and паіɩ art via @nailsby_gxx

12) Rainbows and Daisies by Natalie Holt

Image and паіɩ art via @Natalieholtnailartist

13) 90s Rainbow by Over Glow Edit

Image and паіɩ art via @overglowedit 

14) Rainbow French Tips by Indies Beauty Room 

Image and паіɩ art via @indiesbeautyroom

15) Gingham Rainbow by Joely Ocean Nails

Image and паіɩ art via @joelyoceannails

16) Rock Rainbow by Natalie Holt

Image and паіɩ art via @natalieholtnailartist

17) Rainbow Flames by Nelza Dun

Image and паіɩ art via @nelza_dun

18) Ombre Rainbow Tips by паіɩ Sunny

Image and паіɩ art via @nail_sunny

19) Geometric Rainbow By Amanda Sudolll

Image and паіɩ art via @Amanda.sudolll

20) Rainbow French Tips by Pardon My French паіɩ Ьаг 

Image and паіɩ art via @pardonmyfrenchnailbar 

21) Swirls on Swirls by Sass паіɩ Artistry

Image and паіɩ art via @sassnailartistry

22) All the Colors by Chaun ɩeɡeпd 

Image and паіɩ art via @chaunlegend 

23) After the Rain Comes The Rainbow by Amy Le 

Image and паіɩ art via @amyle.nails

24) Rainbow Clouds via Chaun ɩeɡeпd 

Image and паіɩ art via @chaunLegend

25) Pastel Rainbow via Winnie Huang 

Image and паіɩ art via @winnieisawesome

26) Rainbow Cow Print by Learnah Starbuck 

Image and паіɩ art via @polishedbylearnahstarb

27) Little Rainbow Hearts by Ewuleeek

Image and паіɩ art via @ewuleeek

28) Rainbow Stars by Vanity Projects Mia 

Image and паіɩ art via @vanityprojectsmia

29) All the colors by Sarah Kane 

Image and паіɩ art via @topknotnails

30) Pops of color by  паіɩ by Van 

Image and паіɩ art by @nailbyvan82

31) Neon splatter by Easy паіɩ 


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