іпjᴜгed Antelope Defies deаtһ in eріс Ьаttɩe аɡаіпѕt ѕаⱱаɡe wіɩd dogs for Survival

Footage of the tragic impala moment, captured by a visitor to the Kruger Nature Reserve (South Africa), shows the moment an impala was knocked down by an African wild dog.

As the wild dog bit its prey to enjoy the fruits of the hunt, suddenly the antelope reared up, using its horns to fend off the predator. Because the antelope’s belly skin had already been bitten off by a wild dog, the antelope’s intestines and organs fell off when the animal stood up.

The impala now appears to have felt no pain, using all of its remaining strength to fight off the predator.

However, the impala’s last desperate efforts were not enough to keep the animal alive. Other wild dogs from the pack quickly appeared, surrounding the badly injured antelope. Soon after, the impala accepted its destiny as a wild dog meal.

The lycaon, also called spirit wolf or zebra wolf, is a mammal of the canine family, mainly distributed in Africa. They are very social animals, living in herds with distinct dominance hierarchies between males and females.

Wild dogs are considered masters of the “art of group hunting”, when individuals in the pack can work together very well through a sense of discipline and an ability to unite. Scientific statistics show that wild dogs achieve a success rate of up to 75% for each hunting trip.

Meanwhile, the impala is one of the most abundant antelope species in the African savannah. Impala antelopes are sexually dimorphic, with males weighing between 40 and 75 kg and females between 30 and 50 kg. Only male impalas have horns, 45-90cm long, while females have no horns.

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